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What is Runaway Pen Productions all about? Play the video below to find out more.
Runaway Pen Productions specializes in film and video production on the South Shore of Boston and serving New England. From creating award-winning original films to providing videography services, Runaway Pen is dedicated to the craft to visual storytelling. Founded by Mikel J. Wisler and Andrew Gilbert, Runaway Pen has been working in the film industry since 2005. Aside from narrative filmmaking, Runaway Pen actively produces video content for companies, schools, websites, and television commercials in the Greater Boston area. How can we help tell your story?

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Trailers for our films:

"Playing with Ice" - directed by Mikel J. Wisler

"A Silent Universe" - directed by Mikel J. Wisler

"Stop" - a Mikel J. Wisler short film

"Evaluating Kaitly" - an Andrew Gilbert short film

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